About Us

We are the group do developer started developing software and learning different techniques. The android is the technology which excites us and in the process of learning, we come across some tools which help a lot so we thought to came up with a solution which can help other developers to make their research and learning path easy.

Why Ads?
  • Ads - an appropriate option, to run and maintain these tools available.
  • Why Us?
  • We - been there, when it comes to research feature and developing them
  • Why SE?
  • SE - an easy way to learn and find what you need.

    after struggling in learning an deresearching how to do we found we can use reverse eng to find references from already app for features and how to use . we collected set of tools and resource which can help in order to make for next app research easy

    • reverser engineering
    • ui reference comming soon
    • android library comming soon
    • android full code comming soon
    • assects comming soon
    • For Request / Query
    • Email Us at : apkdecomplie@gmail.com

    • For DMCA / REPORT

      Email Us at : apkdecomplie@gmail.com